Who we are

Who We Are



About The Jed Foundation 

JED is a national nonprofit that exists to protect the emotional health of our country’s 40 million high school and college students and reduce the risks of substance abuse and suicide. We collaborate with schools to enhance their mental health and suicide prevention programming and systems; develop expert resources and create powerful partnerships so that students have the support they need, when and how they need it; and educate and empower young adults, families and the community to take action for the cause. Together, we’re ensuring America’s students grow into thriving adults. 

Learn more at www.jedfoundation.org. Check out our programs including: ULifeline (www.ulifeline.org), Half of Us (www.halfofus.com), Love is Louder (www.loveislouder.com), JED Campus (www.thecampusprogram.org), and Set to Go (www.settogo.org).  

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The JED Campus Team

Dr. Nance Roy

JED Clinical Director and Director of JED Campus

Michelle Mullen, MS, CRC, CPRP

Learning Officer

Lee Swain, MA

Assistant Director

Erica Riba, LMSW

Campus Advisor

Diana Cusumano, LMHC, NCC

Campus Advisor

Omar Tungekar

Engagement Specialist